The Three Rooms

by Andrea Parkins

The Third Room was created as a companion piece to my multi-room electroacoustic fixed-media work Two Rooms from the Memory Palace, which premiered in 2015 at the New York Electronic Art Festival. An additional and spatially peripheral installation that acts as a de-centered sonic disturbance in real-time relation to Two Rooms’ more saturated sound world, The Third Room was embedded within the fixed media work – and now appears via this weblink —  as a randomized playlist: a catalogue of sonic wisps, gestures and fragments that I have recorded and accumulated during the past 25 years, focusing on the interplay between sonified objects, bodies in motion, and idiosyncratic acoustic spaces. This project represents my investigation of audio poetics: What do these sounds mean in relation to each other as they appear, one after the other, in no order that can be predicted? And what does it imply when they emerge and join — or alternatively, intervene and resist — an immersive sonic situation?

The Third Room can be listened to on its own, or while listening to the stereo fold-down recording of Two Rooms from the Memory Palace (IS-1037) on a separate device.

Supported by Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) & Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (DIKU)